Thursday, April 11, 2013

Indonesian submarine plant must be finished before 2017

As we know, Indonesia has plans to make his own submarine . Plan to make this submarine south korea assisted by the program through the purchase of units of the Korean submarines. In 2011, South Korea and Indonesia signed a purchase of 3 units chang Bogo class submarines, which were constructed in korea 2 units and one unit was made in Indonesia.

However, plans for the Indonesian submarine d less terhalag by submarine production facilities. Obviously this submarine manufacturing plant aka requires a very large cost, so that the Indonesian government should seriously support.

If according to plan, then this should parik submarines ready uncivilized than in 2017, because this is the first submarine to be completed in 2014 and the second submarine is expected to be completed in 2016, then in 2016 the submarine plant should be completed in 2017 when the ship desired The third submarine was built.

If successful with making Indonesia the third submarine, Indonesia certainly will make other submarines, it is to achieve the minimum number of submarines owned as many as 12 units.

Zoomer x honda cross matic

Thailand onda few years ago release its first cross matic, zoomer x. After marketed in thailand, honda has planto market it in aother asian country.  Lets see zoomer x specification :

  • Engine type : four stroke SOHC engine
  • 110  and 125 cc
  • Engine fuel system:  PGM-FI
  • Transmission V-Matic Transmission
  • Size Bore x stroke 50 x 55
  •  Dimension (mm) = 763 mm x 1831 x 1065
  • Seat height 763 mm
  • rim size : 12 inch 
  • Upside down front suspension fork
  • Fuel consumption (Standard ECE-40): 53 km / ltr

Zoomer x will become strong competitor for another crossmatic, such Yamaha X ride.  And maybe honda will see Yamaha X ride sales record before they launched Zoomer x . 

Monday, April 8, 2013

La Ferrari hybrid sport car from ferrari

We are not surprised if  Ferrari racing car out with a gasoline engine. But do you know if ferrari also issued a hybrid sport car?
In the event the Geneva auto show, Ferrari introduced its hybrid sport  car, La Ferrari.La Ferrari claimed as the fastest hybrid race car. La ferrari able to reach  speed of 100 km / h in just 3 detk.
La  ferrari uses a gasoline engine with a capacity of 6, 3 liter, this engine 800 horse power, while electric engines are used by hybrid racing car La Ferrari 163 horse-power. Electric batteries are used capacity of 120 KW.

Although the incoming class of hybrid, car emissions are still quite high, 330 g / km, above the average of other hybrid cars. This car will be produced is limited, only 499 units with prices ranging from 1.4 million U.S. dollars